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LUXX DE 1000 400


Luxx DE 1000w HPS 400v

  • Lamp (1000W HPS 2000k DE Fixture)

  • 10ft 240v power cord

  • Controller compatible

  • 3 year warranty



Announcing the arrival of another lovely Luxx 1000w grow lamp, the LUX-DE100-400. This 1000W grow lamp incorporates a HPS bulb (high-pressure sodium vapour), a form of high intensity discharge/gas-discharge lighting. Learn more about different lamp types here. This fantastic fixture offers both strength and versatility; functioning as a primary flowering lamp whilst also suitable for vegging in high intensity environments. Much like many other of their units, Luxx also offer a 3 year warranty offered on all official purchases; helping attest to quality of these high performing lights. Furthermore, the 98% high reflective aluminium covering helps ensure little to no energy is wasted whilst generating light for your precious plants. With this reflective covering, light bounces back towards the plant with more intensity. Such efficiency comes at no surprise, seeing as Luxx Lighting are composed of veteran cultivators and passionate growers. Discover additional features for this bulb below.


  • Lamp (1000W HPS 2000k DE Fixture)
  • 10ft 240v power cord
  • Controller compatible
  • 3 year warranty


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